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we are closed Friday November 24 for Thanksgiving celebration.
Check our distributors in your area here.  They may save you on shipping time and costs.

OVERVIEW:   We manufacturer Parking Barriers and Asphalt Anchors

RESELLERS:   Please contact us at

ORDERS received by noon Eastern time will be shipped same day. UPS/Fedex pick up at 3PM. Minimum retail order is $35.

REGISTRATION You do not need to register to place orders on the store, but we encourage you to register. That allows us to recognize repeat customers and to offer loyalty benefits.

PAYMENT We accept credit cards and PayPal. Credit cards will be rejected if there is a mismatch between the zip code that you enter and the zip that is used to mail you the credit card bills. Make sure that the BILLING address that you entered matches the credit card billing address.

We accept purchase orders from registered repeat and pre-approved customers.

SPECIAL PROMOTION  We offer a $300 credit for a publishable use story.  If you used the anchors in a way that may be of general interest, or an unusual way, please contact